Dreaming Dreams with Happy Endings

Never again will I work with the Humane Society of Cabarrus County because they are all unprofessional shitbags who do not understand simple instructions that I NEED 60 FUCKING HOURS OF SERVICE IN ONE LOCATION BY AUGUST 15 AND I SENT IN THE REQUEST ON JULY FUCKING 2 AND THEY SAID THEY COULD DO IT AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T COMPLETED THE FORMS. So fuck them all for causing me so much stress. oh and did I fail to mention that I CANNOT START WORKING UNTIL THEY SEND IT IN.

I’m only doing this because I love those fucking animals.

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you don’t even need to type in the band name
everyone knows

middle floor color

All Too Well - Amnesia (Mashup)

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the catholic church gives wine to 7 year olds but gay marriage is wrong

I mean this is totally out of context but is technically true. It is believed to be the blood of god and they are only given 1 tiny sip once a week but otherwise this is totally correct.

the catholic church encourages 7 year olds to drink blood every week but gay marriage is wrong

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Bottled up emotions.

This is art

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer

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